2018 – 2022 Midwest

Contract Better-Off Calculator

This calculator is designed to help you understand how the new contract wage increases and healthcare costs impact you.  To use the calculator, you will need to know your current hourly rate.  This information can be found in the top left corner of your check stub, or in Appendix B, by taking your weekly rate and dividing by 40 to get your hourly rate.



The calculator, calculates the following:

1. 1st 2019 Wage Increase 3% with back pay to 2/5/19 (based on a 40 hour work week only)  overtime worked and non-paid time off during the time period will impact the calculations accuracy.

2. 2nd 2019 Wage increase of 3% from 8/5/19 going forward

3. 2020 Wage increase of 2.25% beginning on April 12, 2020

4. 2021 Wage increase of 2.25% beginning on April 11, 2021

5.  Increases in healthcare costs for each year over the previous year.  These calculations include premium increases, deductible increases, out of pocket max increases.

6. Nicotine surcharges (if applicable)

7. Spousal surcharge (if applicable)

8. Net money after increases in healthcare costs are subtracted from wage increases